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 The app to make your studying
more effective

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neuroo is an app that helps you better structure and organize your study time.
Hence making your overall studying more effective.

Three ways neuroo is going to make your life better.

schedule learning sessions and never procrastinate again

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 With our newest feature, you can now schedule learning sessions and set up reminders to study. This way you will always have a dedicated time to study and never procrastinate again.

stay focused and prevent distractions

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When learning with neuroo you set a focus timer for the time you want to study.
By focusing on one task until the timer runs out, you will avoid distractions and stay concentrated on your work.

keep yourself accountable and achieve your goals

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neuroo keeps you accountable by displaying the exact amount of time you have studied for each subject. The app helps you stay consistent and
work productively toward your goals.

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